Why You Should Choose AKESO Supplements

There are hundreds or even thousands of companies that market dietary supplements.
Why should you choose Akeso as your “go to” nutritional supplement company?


  • Helping You to Get Well and Stay Well is Our Bottom Line: Akeso formulates world class dietary supplements that provide nutritional support for the most common health issues that concern people most, such as migraines, headaches, joint health, stress & anxiety, memory, sleeplessness, breast health, etc. Changing lives is the reasons we wake up every day passionate about the special products we provide to our customers.
  • Science Based: Curt Hendrix, M.S., C.C.N., C.N.S., Chief Scientific Officer of Akeso Health Sciences is a published scientist and researcher, who has been the principal investigator on multiple NIH-sponsored research grants involving dietary supplements. Akeso is not run by scientifically untrained businessmen, marketers, accountants or advertising experts.
  • Trusted Track Record: Akeso and its principal scientist, Curt Hendrix, have been formulating the highest quality supplements money can buy for over 20 years. Curt analyzes countless numbers of scientific studies each week to ensure Akeso Health Sciences health promoting formulas contain the most advanced ingredients in the world.
  • Quality Control to Insure Purity & Potency: All raw materials are independently tested and held to the highest of standards. Every active ingredient in an Akeso formula is included at the dose shown to be effective in human clinical trials. Each active ingredient in every Akeso formula is present in the form and dose stated on the label.
  • Commitment to Efficacy is Our Bottom Line: If an ingredient is needed to make a specific formula “work more effectively” it is always included “no matter” the cost. Effective products are a result of commitment to efficacy and scientific professionalism… NOT COST ACCOUNTING OR PRICE POINTS!
  • We Care About Your Health and Wellbeing: Your concerns and issues are our issues and NOTHING is more rewarding than receiving a call or an email telling us we helped you or a loved one.
  • Knowledge is Power: By opting to receive Akeso’s free health bulletin, consumers and healthcare professionals can receive Curt’s analysis of important new health and medical findings as they are reported in Peer-reviewed medical/research journals from around the world. This is the kind of knowledge and information that allows you to be proactive in making the right health decisions for yourself and your loved ones.


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