What will I experience when I take Calm & Clever?
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There are two distinct changes/benefits you will begin to notice.
First, you will realize that you are centered and those little things that can sometimes bother you and make you nervous, anxious or even angry are not doing that anymore. You are in fact, calmer and more peaceful but very alert and energetic.
Secondly, you will notice that your recall of names, facts, figures, comes about fluidly and easily. Your ability to focus and get work done will become obvious. It’s sort of feels like when you debug your computer and it runs faster and effortlessly.
How long will it take for me to feel the benefits of Calm & Clever?
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Though it varies from person to person, some notice the changes in 5-7 days and some people may take 2-3 weeks. But stay with it and you’ll feel these terrific benefits.
Who is Calm & Clever for?
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All ages from students to seniors will benefit from Calm & Clever. Students may feel their ability to learn new facts and recall these facts during testing, really improves.
Seniors may find that they are much less forgetful and alert.
Busy parents and executives cognitive function, word, fact and figure recall and analytical ability may noticeably improve.
Everyone will better remember where they place things and not be hunting for misplaced car keys, wallets, glasses, pocketbooks and their cars in parking lots.

Which ingredients in Calm & Clever are responsible for these benefits?
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Follow this link to an explanation of why each ingredient in Calm & Clever is included and what it does.

How do I know if my child’s headaches are migraines?
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Migraines tend to be on one side of the head and throb. If there is any kind of visual disturbance or speech dysfunction associated with the headache, it is likely to be a migraine. A diagnosis from a pediatric neurologist would help to confirm a diagnosis of migraines.

Why should I try MigreLief?
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MigreLief is a nutritional alternative to treating migraine pain for life. It was formulated to address the underlying nutritional deficiencies and imbalances that many migraine sufferers have in common. For this reason we recommend taking it for 90 days (each bottle is a 1 month supply) even though many people have reported successful results in under 1 month. We are so confident that MigreLief will work for you, we offer a 100% money back guarantee of your purchase price after the 3 month trail period if you are not satisfied with your results for any reason. MigreLief is a great alternative, reasonably priced and less invasive than side-effect prone prescription drugs and OTC medicines which often lead to rebound headaches/recurring migraines and problems associated with medication overuse.