MigreLief by Akeso Health Sciences
A Neurologist-Recommended Nutritional Supplement for Migraines

MigreLief - Triple Therapy
Suffering from MIGRAINES?
MigreLief is here to help with four drug-free nutritional supplements to meet the needs of migraine sufferers.

MigreLief is available in 3 daily formulas to nutritionally support chronic migraine sufferers. These formulas are: MigreLief, Children’s MigreLief (age 2-12) and MigreLief+M.

MigreLief’s 4th formula is MigreLief-NOW, a fast-acting rescue formula – for those times when you need help NOW. Take MigreLief-NOW “as needed” for on-the-spot neurological comfort. MigreLief-NOW is safe for ages 2+.

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MigreLief-NOW is a non-prescription nutritional supplement recommended by healthcare professionals. It provides fast-acting nutritional support to migraine and headache sufferers when they need it most, NOW! Not just for migraines and headache sufferers, MigreLief-NOW is truly a powerful force for promoting wellness and comfort in your body.

MigreLief-NOW is to be taken “AS NEEDED” for fast acting cerebrovascular support during challenging times. Safe for men, women and children over the age of 2, NOW may be used by itself or combined with any other MigreLief formula as needed or DAILY for additional nutritional benefits. See product label for children’s dosage. Click here to learn more.







MigreLief – Original Formula
MigreLief is the original multi-patented, physician recommended nutritional migraine supplement for either men, women or children over 12 years of age, who suffer from chronic migraines. MigreLief contains ingredients proven to make a difference. Click here to learn more.







Children’s MigreLief
For children between the age of 2-11, MigreLief provides comprehensive nutritional support. The children’s formula contains the same “Triple Therapy” ingredients as Original MigreLief but with dosages adjusted to meet the needs of children. May crush caplets and mix with food for easier swallowing. Click here to learn more.







MigreLief +M
In addition to the “Triple Therapy” ingredients of Puracol feverfew, riboflavin and magnesium found in Original MigreLief, five additional clinically documented ingredients have been added to MigreLief+M: A special standardized Chasteberry extract, L-Theanine (a specially isolated component from green tea), high dose biotin and high dose pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B-6) and Chromium Picolinate. All five of these additional ingredients have been shown in human clinical studies to either balance the hormonal and blood sugar swings (which occur around menstruation and are known to cause migraines in susceptible women), and/or significantly reduce the symptoms of PMS and PCOS that occur in many women as well. Click here to learn more.



MigreLief Migraine Stick

Akeso’s new MigreLief Migraine Stick offers effective aromatherapy for neurological comfort. A fast-acting, soothing blend of 100% Organic Peppermint, Spearmint, Lavender, and Rosemary essential oils in a Jojoba oil base. This roll-on helps ease tension, while supporting neurological comfort and overall feelings of calm and wellbeing. Migraine Stick’s unique combination of key essential oils provide a simultaneous crisp, invigorating, sweet, floral, and cool mint scent. Carefully formulated with premium quality organic essential oils extracted from plants grown with integrity.

Essential oils are a complex of natural aromatic plant extracts that contain the essence of the plants fragrance and offer potent aromatherapy benefits. This is a 100% organic product with no synthetic additives. We never sacrifice quality.

Keep on hand at all times for when you need it most and enjoy the calming and tension-easing qualities of this perfect blend of organic essential oils everywhere you go. Click here to learn more.



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